Landy/Wearing Studios.

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Artists Gillian Wearing and Michael Landy commissioned fourthspace to design a new building creating greater artist studio space with apartments above. The architect and client discussions led to a responsive approach that started from establishing development rights through simple geometries and led to a subtle but sophisticated spatial solution. The building has only one elevation that can be seen from the street and the public realm. Therefore the design engages with a clear idea of public and private. The more private residential element is set back from the brick clad art studio/commercial element. The more 'public' elements of this singular street elevation are the openings of the ground and first floor. These elements are designed to be 'active' or 'kinetic' through the use of movable screens, shutters, and awnings in a manner which is integral to the design of the elevation and practical in terms of legibility and security. The project has been granted planning permission and is expected to start on site sometime in the near future.

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